Johnny & June is a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces with a focus on charming details and vintage inspired designs.  With the goal of bringing a subtle magic to everyday dressing, Johnny & June was introduced in the Spring of 2011. The fanciful collection is comprised of feminine silhouettes, dreamy colors, and playful fabrics.  The New York based clothing line is inspired by the designer's love of all things vintage, love stories, theatricality, poetry, fairy tales and the 1950’s.  Johnny & June has been featured in and on the cover of various publications including Nu Mode Magazine and Marie Claire Taiwan.  


"Johnny & June is very dear to my heart.  No detail is too small as every piece is handmade with love from start to finish. I take inspiration from a multitude of places, however one source is more prominent than the rest. When I was a little girl I refused to wear anything but dresses, my favorite being a floral print number.   I used to dance around the kitchen of our Portland, Oregon home leaving reality behind with every spin. To my parents, I was a silly 5 year old marking up the hardwood floor with my miniature high-heels. To me, I was Cinderella dancing the night away at the ball with my prince charming.  All I could hear was the clack of my little heels and the laughter escaping my lungs as I tilted my head back.  I imagine the Johnny & June girl living a life that is a reflection of the light-hearted innocence of that moment.  She believes everyday is just another excuse to play dress up.  Whether she is young, or just young at heart; she if full of life, care-free and made entirely of whim."

- Chelsea Monroe, Designer